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We take care of your cloud and on premise infrastructure, application operations, your deployment and support your team on the way to the professional use of DevOps methods and tools

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New Infrastructures

Plan your growth ahead. With our cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premise infrastructure as code offerings, you will never again have server capacity issues. Optionally, even without manual steps, your devel-opers can provision their own computing power as needed with a “GIT commit”.


Your existing infrastructure should be faster, you want to lift Lagacy Application on the hardware or in the cloud? We help you with the latest IaC concepts (Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes) and bring your applications up to date.


Do you need help with an existing cloud-hosted application or do you want to migrate this application?
XALT can support you! We have exper-ience with all major vendors and can help you quickly and cost-effectively to migrate to the cloud without downtime.

Continuous Documentation

The number of your servers, the applica-tions rolled out to them, or the cronjobs set up on them - Our documentation solution integrates with your JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket or GitLab and is always up to date. Do you need the documentation according to the nARC 42 guidelines?
No problem! Our solution can help you.

Team Integration

XALT works directly with your IT team. We are always available and provide email, phone, chat room and on-site support. We use your tools to collaborate directly with your team.

Continuous Delivery

We’ll help you build, improve or even fully automate your build pipeline with our best practices from several years of DevOps experience to reach the level of compa-nies like Amazon or Google. We use our methods with the tools available to you (Circle CI, Jenkins, Bamboo, CodeDeploy or Butbucket Pipelines).


Get the help you need now

Your team wants to get started with Continuous Delivery, Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes) or Infrastructure as Code without losing time? Book our DevOps team at your location.

We support your IT team through training, concepts, or hands-on with our experience from countless DevOps projects and take the first steps together with your team.

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We take care of your infrastructure so you can focus on your business

You have important things to do? Your business, your customers or a merger of enterprises?

We manage your infrastructure according to DevOps principles. You get access to the infrastructure as a code representation and can make changes without long meetings directly via GIT pull request. Our team ensures that everything works according to your wishes. Your advantage is fast response without long waiting times.

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Why external support makes sense:


You’ll save time and energy by letting us help you build your DevOps team. We keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Cost saving

XALT provides you with a significant ROI. You save onboarding time, expensive training of your employees and avoid mistakes that we have already made.


Your business suffers when your de-velopers are distracted by infrastructure issues, configuration, and maintenance. With our support you can concentrate on the functions of your software / company.


We are a team with practical experience and combined knowledge from DevOps projects. XALT uses this experience to guide you in the right direction so that you can achieve your goals and avoid the challenges that you face by default.


We offer you a team of experts from many areas, which is at your disposal for questions and support of infrastructure tasks up to software development.

DevOps Happiness

We work in our team according to the principles of the “12 Steps to Better Code” (The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code) and help to implement this with you. Outsourcing operations allows your team to work and relax efficiently.

About XALT Business Consulting GmbH

You have already taken the first steps in DevOps and are looking for an experienced implementation partner? Benefit from our many years of experience in successful implementations to make your business processes even more efficient. 

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