Why work at XALT?

Hands-on work after quick ramp up & openness to new solutions and improvements.

You are provided with moral and financial support to learn, go to conferences and grow personally.

Diversity: At XALT GmbH we promote diversity in all its forms and reject discrimination and inequality. At the moment XALT is 30% Indian, 30% German, 20% Asian and 20% Bavarian. You can develop your English, German and Bavarian Skills with us. Not only XALT is divers also our Customers are from Korea, US, UK, Germany, Netherlands and Greek just to mention a few.

You are XALT: One of our fundamental believes is that we grow as a team. We value every bodies personal contributions and goals. Therefore we work together with every employee on the personal career together path from the first minute.

Influence: At XALT you can always break the rules and build something cool to innovate creatively and present the idea back to the customer and our team. If its changing the technology stack fundamentally or trying something new it might even change the product portfolio of XALT.

Our office, a place where you not only get your work done, we also do creative projects. For example our photo studio in the office. Drinks and Fruits are for free every day. If you work better from home or your favourite cafe thats fine to.

Flexibility: We work when we have energy. Not when the clock says its time to work. Work from wherever and whenever you like. Flat hierarchy team.

Open Source or community work: As we value our society and thats why we are working on non profit projects.

Life Services: You are looking for a flat? You need to bring a package to the post office? You need to extend your Passport? XALT will help you and save a ton of time.

Bring your own device, select your working equipment yourself or use our recommended hardware: At XALT we don’t care if you are a Windows User, Mac Evangelist or Linux Nerd. You choose your tools.

We are in Munich! Munich’s landscape, architecture, museums, restaurants & bars are all top notch. In terms of life quality, it has been reported to be in the top 10 of the world.