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Digitalization of your business processes

Media disruptions in IT are still a topic that affects the efficiency of your IT solutions. We bring your tools together in one unit, using the existing interfaces and automatic connections.

We support you in the following processes:
  • Automation of recurrent business processes
  • Connecting applications through the use of interfaces
  • Public REST API Management
  • Graphing workflows and simplification of approval processes
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Atlassian consulting

  • Advising on the introduction and replacement of IT service management solutions with JIRA Service Desk
  • Joint evaluation of apps
  • Advising on the replacement of Microsoft SharePoint with the Confluence-based Linchpin Intranet
  • Process Automation with the help of Bamboo, Jenkins, JIRA Service Desk
  • Digitalization of business processes with JIRA Core
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Atlassian support

We take care of the maintenance of your Atlassian Tool Chain and support your team with the right apps. Our years of experience and best practices bring the value of your Atlassian solutions together with us to the next level.

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Container technologies

In our Docker 101 training, we will show you how to set up the appropriate deployment concept in addition to the Docker basics.

  • Creation of maintained Docker images
  • Dependencies management with Docker Compose for your software solutions
  • Management of containerized workloads on AWS ECS, Kubernetes or Docker Swarm
  • Modernization of traditional apps with the help of Docker
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DevOps culture

We'll find the right place for the first DevOps project in your value stream and help your teams to implement the right processes and tools.

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DevOps tools management

  • Artifact Storage and Security Scanning with Artifactory + XRAY or Nexus
  • Bitbucket, incl. implementation of the GitFlow process, feature branching and pull requests
  • CI/CD Pipelines with Bitbucket and Bamboo
  • CI/CD Pipelines GitLab with Jenkins
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Migrations and replacement of legacy systems

  • Migration from MediaWiki to Confluence
  • Merging two JIRA or Confluence instances
  • Migration from SVN to GIT
  • Extranet for easier collaboration between partners and internal colleagues
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Cloud solutions

  • Implement Amazon Web Services infrastructure and architecture concepts
  • Resiliency by running an application in multiple datacenters
  • Operation of the Atlassian tools on AWS
  • Move workloads to Azure, Google Cloud or AWS
  • Public APIs resilient and scalable to AWS
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Training and workshops

  • GIT Training - GIT and DevOps Processes
  • GIT Training - Why GIT and GIT as a SVN User
  • GIT Training - GIT Feature Branching with Feature Continuous Integration - Delivery
  • DevOps Workshop - Where to implement the first DevOps Project in your Value Stream
  • DevOps Introduction - What is DevOps and why you need to try it in your Organisation
  • Atlassian Tools for DevOps - DevOps 101 with Atlassian
  • Open Source Tools for DevOps - How to setup a full Suite of DevOps tools with 0 License cost

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