Jira and Confluence User Permission Management

Our user permission management solution will help you meet the growing challenges on user access and permission management in Jira and Confluence.

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The administration of user and group permissions is a regular and reoccuring task within a company. If all groups and roles are maintained manually, the user permission management is usually very expensive to administer and very time consuming.

Faster processes

With the “XALT user permission manage- ment” solution, this process can be significantly simplified.

Our solution enables the user to simply request authorization to access projects and spaces via the Jira Issue Workflow.


Your benefits with our solution: Centralized management of user permissions in Jira and Confluence. Fast and uncomplicated approval processes. Automatic assign- ment to the requested Jira Project. Documentation of the authorizations. Get started with a free trial period for your functionality!


Approval process

Suppose a user without a Jira license needs access to a particular Jira Project.
There is a project called “user management” that every Jira user has access to.

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The user without a Jira license asks a colleague or uses the optional anonymous interface to creates the following permission request to ask for authentication.

As a next step, the colleague completes the request for permission to the project. Suppose that the user without Jira license is a developer who wants to work on the project “Jira Addon Development”.

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The responsible project manager is notified about the authorization request and can approve it or reject it.

If the authorization request is approved, the user is automatically assigned to the requested role in the Jira Project.

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If the user does not yet have a Jira license, a colleague can make a request in his name.

In this case, a second Jira ticket is created automatically and the responsible Jira license administrator is informed. If the administrator agrees to the permission request, the user is automatically added to both groups.

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You can get an overview of the ticket history by using a predefined Jira filter.

If your team uses Confluence, you can set that up for your Confluence pages as well. You are always able to see which user has access to what.

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You are always able to see which user has access to what.

This ensures that users have access to exactly the information they need and are intended for.

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