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AWS offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-based solutions to optimize your IT infrastructure and development processes.

XALT helps you to use the professional possibilities of the cloud efficiently and profitably.


AWS Cloud Strategy

XALT provides support in the implementation and development of your Amazon Web Services infrastructure and architecture con-cepts. We work with you to develop a specific cloud strategy and to design your first projects in the cloud.

Take your infrastructure into AWS! Under your supervision, XALT migrates your software solution into the cloud for optimal adaptation to AWS.

Infrastructure Management

You have worked with AWS and are wondering how to automate the maintenance of your AWS infrastructure? We help you develop a consistent automated IT infrastructure solution for your business. You profit by saving time and technical resources.

XALT has extensive experience in the use of automation and open source software, and finds the best possible applications for your needs. Are you interested in our services? Get in contact for a non-binding initial consultation!

DevOps with Amazon

Our DevOps concept allows your employees to run internal and external AWS-powered hardware with the fundamentals of infrastructure-as-code and automation.

Our automated processes reduce the lead time from weeks to minutes. Developers can power up new machines for your test system with just a few lines of code, and software builds can be run, tested, and rolled out on AWS resources.
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Monitoring and reliability

Resiliency by operating an application in multiple datacenters, Public APIs resilient and scalable to AWS.

Through disaster recovery mechanisms, we ensure the operation of your applications on AWS.


We pass our knowledge in the field of AWS to you! XALT works closely together with your employees, so that the transfer of our know-how takes place. The foundations for independent work of your technicians are laid.

Contact us for practical training on cloud technologies and AWS workshops. We offer our support and are always available by phone or email.
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Security audits and ISO certifications for IT security

You should have your security configuration periodically reviewed to make sure it meets your current business needs. An audit gives you the ability to remove unneeded IAM users, groups, and policies, and to ensure that your software only has the necessary permissions.

AWS performs certifications to adequately manage security risks that affect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of corporate and customer information. On request we support you with the xxxxx certification.

Execute code without thinking about servers. XALT allows you to perform functions without server / hardware maintenance and administration. Learn more about our AWS product expertise.

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You want to migrate your applications to AWS, but you are not sure what compliance impact AWS has for your business? XALT will work with you to analyze how Amazon Web Services infrastructure concepts can be used in your business. We’re here to help!

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